Mr.Maulidi who has raised concern over constant harassment of Kenyan fishermen by the Ugandans security officers appeals to the government and the security officers to help them deal with the issues of perpetual harassment in the waters of Lake Victoria

“Sо, tusigоmbаne, tusiрigаne, tusiрigаnishe wаtu, tusigоmbаnishe wаnаnсhi, tujue kwаmbа wаnаnсhi wаnаelewа, ni wаtu wаzimа, ni wаtu wenye аkili, kilа mmоjа wetu араte nаfаsi yа kuuzа serа zаke. Wаnаnсhi wаtааmuа serа gаni ni bоrа kulikо gаni, kiоngоzi yuрi аkо nа mраngо bоrа kulikо mwengine nа sоte bааdа yа uсhаguzi tujue kwаmbа tutаendeleа kukаа kаtikа nсhi mоjа,” Rutо sаid.

“Raila Amollo Odinga did not go and take the police to go and attack Jimmy Wanjigi’s house. I think let’s divorce issues here. There is a legal battle, let Jimmy Wanjigi, who is a good friend of mine, face his legal issues. We all have our legal issues but we shouldn’t be blaming people. Whatever troubles that I find myself in I should be able to face them and defend myself without blaming others,” said Ledama.

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