Nyanza leaders urges the Government to monitor all border points including Lake victoria to curb any COVID-19 virus outbreak

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Karachuonyo MP Adipo Okuome wants the Kenyan government to put monitor at all borders points including Lake Victoria to curb any COVID-19 virus outbreak. The MP wants the State not to concentrate in airports but to focus on borders (Islands) in Lake Victoria to ensure the deadly virus does not get into the country. He said it is important for the government to equipped officials working at the entry points with machines that can detect an infected person.

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“Let the government not show any reluctance in preventing entry of the killer virus. We want the government to be alert on Islands in Lake Victoria,” Okueme said. Speaking to journalists during a fund-drive at Gendia Boys High School in his constituency, Okuome said there is need for the government to equip county hospitals with machines for screening Kenyans over the virus. Currently there is pressure on the government to work on ways on preventing the spread of the disease.

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Many Kenyans don’t have knowledge about the symptoms of the disease and how they can protect themselves from contracting the disease. “It’s important for the government to sensitive people on the virus so people become aware of it,” he added The legislator also proposed that flights to and from countries that have reported outbreak of the virus to get suspended as a prevention measure. “Quarantining and screening alone are not enough to prevent the disease from reaching Kenya. We want to see proper preparedness against the virus,” Okuome said.

Last week, Kenyan government directed Chinese nationals who arrived in the county to isolate themselves as a way of preventing the spread of the virus But Okuome does not support the self quarantine method. “The safest way is to block anyone from affected countries not the get into Kenya,” he said.

Corona virus cases have already been confirmed in African countries including Egypt Algeria and Nigeria.

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