Kenyan Male Celebs Who Married older Women for money and working under instructions

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When love is blind, age is just another number for these couples.

It is very rare especially to the African culture to find a man marrying a woman older than him.Instead many men tend to marry  ladies who are 5 years younger or lesser.

The issue of getting married or dating a lady older than the partner is still an issue in the country with many believing that the head of the family should be older in order to get his say in the household.

Well it not always worked the traditional way, some celebrities have broken the normal by dating ladies who are older than them and confess in not feeling the pressure and being deeply in love with their partners

1. Bahati and Diana Marua.

The two lover birds are blessed with two children and one adopted son. The marriage has been successful thought the years, proving their hatters wrong.

The two, who have six years age difference, have recently entered their fifth year of marriage. Bahti was 24 years old when he married Diana, while Diana was 29.

2. Guardian Angel and Esther.

Just last year, Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka (31) was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Esther Musila Esther Musila (50), mother of three.

Even though people are against them, the love between them is still thriving day by day. The age difference between the two lovers is 29 years.

3. Dj Moz

Moses Kimathi Mathenge is a father who has a happy marriage with his Caucasian wife Deborah Kimathi and three children.

Sometimes back DJ Moz celebrated his family and posted their photos on social media.

Only to bring up a new topic. The photos seen before, shows a woman who has aged first than DJ Moz.

There could be two facts. Either the wife is his age but just aged so fast because of her race, or after giving birth to 3 kids. Second the woman might just be not DJ Moz’s age

4. Pastor Pius Muiru

The Maximum Miracle center pastor Pius Muiru is also guilty of falling helplessly in love with a woman older than him.

For him the story is not different as they have been able to live in harmony and grow deeper in love for decades. Muiru describes his wife as a Proverbs 31 woman. Oh well guess age is just but a number!

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