KIBICHO AMEROPOKWA … RAILA PRESIDENCY SEALED ….. he leaks how Raila will win with over 60 percent in August polls

“I have many sources where I get information, not only from the NIS. I have so much confidential information and if asked to give it out for the sake of the public well-being, I’m in a position to do so.

Chief Interior Secretary Karanja Kibicho attacked Vice President William Ruto for writing a letter to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) asking for intelligence reports showing former Prime Minister Raila Odinga would win the August 9 election by 60%.

Kibicho, who spoke on Friday in Kirinyaga County, defended his remarks to 60%, insisting that the intelligence reports he referred to were legitimate.
“Therefore, the information we give is based on truth and not for the sake of impressing,” he said.

He added that he obtains information from many sources and not necessarily NIS, and further stated that he would provide evidence if necessary.

“I have many sources from which I get information, not just from the NIS. I have so much confidential information and if I am asked to disclose it for the good of the public, I am in a position to do so.

The PS added that the information it received is that Raila Odinga will collect more than 60 percent of the total votes cast in August.

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