“With due respect,I was not at the Konshens’ party,and the man purported to be me in the video doing rounds is NOT me.The time Konshens was performing I was also performing on my wife and she can attest to this.People at the Konshens’ party should also confirm that I was not there,” Owino said via a tweet.

“I will be ordained as a minister of God’s word, a servant of the Most High God this Sunday and waaaa hiii ni emotional kwangu (this is emotional for me). God is not a man. He chooses whoever and changes them to serve Him… My life is like a movie from the secular world to an ordained servant of God see God…… GODS GRACE IS Real,” she said.

The Rastafarian community in Kenya has petitioned the government to have a department in the Ministry of Culture that will ensure the rights of Rastafarians are respected and considered as a minority community. According to Ras Lojuron Jaden, the chairman and elder of the Rastafarians Society of Kenya, Rastafarianism is […]