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They are taking Kenya back to the Nyayo era where the judiciary was used to target innocent Kenyans. We reject that and we shall fight to see that we uphold the democracy and integrity of the judiciary

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has lashed out at President William Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza government for their attempts to raise taxes for Kenyans.

Odinga said that Kenyans are tired and were already grappling with high taxes adding that raising the taxes was not the solution.

He was speaking in Biyubu village, Ganze constituency, Kilifi, where he had attended the burial of Kilifi youthful politician Jacob Fikirini’s father.


“The most important thing is to curb corruption, not add taxes. Kenyans are already grappling with high taxation, we will not allow that,” said Odinga.

The ODM boss said that it was the duty of the government in power to address the challenges facing Kenyans as he asked them to deliver on their promises.

The president recently challenged the Kenya Revenue Authority to raise the country’s tax bracket.

About six million people in the country are registered taxpayers against a population of 48 million people.

Odinga also accused Kenya Kwanza of hoodwinking Kenyans to vote for them saying that their campaign was based on false promises.

“They promised to lower food prices in 100 days immediately after they were sworn in, now they are asking for one year. They promised you free Sh50 billion Hustlers fund, now they are telling you you will repay the money with 10 per cent interest,” Odinga said.

He added that the Azimio coalition had an elaborate plan for the country which they could have implemented to transform the country, were it not for IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati who stole their victory.

He reiterated that they still don’t accept the August 9 presidential elections results saying that they will not rest until the truth comes out.

Odinga also took issue with president Ruto accusing him of using bribes to hijack and control the judiciary.

The president recently announced that the judiciary budget will be increased by Sh3 billion annually.

“They are taking Kenya back to the Nyayo era where the judiciary was used to target innocent Kenyans. We reject that and we shall fight to see that we uphold the democracy and integrity of the judiciary,” he said.

Odinga also bashed the Ruto led administration accusing it of hunting over their investigations into extra judicial killings allegedly committed by security agencies.

This follows the decision by the president to disband the draded Special Service Unit (SSU) in the country.

“Let them stop this drama we are seeing, we many innocent Kenyans who died who were ICC witnesses. People like Jacob Juma and Chris Musando were also killed. Their murders remain unresolved yet those behind it are known,” Odinga said.

Odinga was accompanied by Kilifi governor Gideon Mung’aro and his Mombasa counterpart Abdulswamd Nassir together with Kilifi senator Steward Madzayo among a host of coast ODM leaders.

Mung’aro said that as the chairman of the Jumuiya za Kaunti ya Pwani, he will push for the return of the region’s land given to the government through the Agriculture Development Cooperative (ADC) to be put under irrigation.

He alleged that there were plans to subdivide Malindi ADC and the failed Galana Kulalu ADC to private individuals.

“In our next JKP meeting, we shall resolve that these lands be given back to county governments. The lands belong to the government and should not be issued to private individuals,” Mungaro said.

There were talks to privatise the Galana Kulalu project viewed as a white elephant which aimed to put about one million acres of land under irrigation.

Nassir added that with proper investment in irrigation, the region was capable of feeding itself and the entire country.

Kilifi senator on his part lashed out at Ruto for failing to adhere to regional balance in appointing Principal secretaries to serve in various ministries.

Ruto recently announced 50 names of individuals to serve as PSs with the Rift Valley and Central regions getting a lion share of the positions.

“I want to appeal to the president to ensure that as he runs his government, he should not commit all the people who have qualification from a certain area only to serve in government leaving out other regions”

” It will be right if people from across the country have done interviews, they will be selected so that we have a national outlook in government.” he said.

He also asked the government to seek alternatives to raise money instead of raising taxes for Kenyans.

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