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Due to this nomination Winnie Odinga might have gotten her springboard into major political positions in the near future.

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Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga has been on the spot light since she was recently elected to be among the leaders representing Kenya at the East Africa Legislative Assembly (Eala) and many alleges that Winnie Odinga as the next luo nation leader after Raila

She sought support from the members of the national assembly together with the Senate to get the position .

This has brought about numerous discussions whether winnie Odinga might be on the road to taking over from her father in the political arena.

“There is nothing unusual about Raila making sure his daughter Winnie gets something,said Macharia Munene a political analyst.

Winnie has stood by her father showing her support and being at the top of Odinga’s political moves.

Odinga is a political figure in Kenya and has also gained the title of being the leader of the Luo community which have always over the years stood with him.

Analyst now say that apart from Winnie walking into bigger political doors she might as well be looking at taking over Raila’s lead over the Luo .

“The biggest question is if he is trying to groom her to take over from him and I’d she will be accepted by Luo Nyanza,”stated Munene.

Many also share in the notion that Winnie Odinga landed the Eala job due to her name and prominence that is accompanied by the same name.

She however disqualified this and stated that all she has gained is all her hard earned sweat and that the name bore minimal significance in her opportunities.

“The name Odinga has not got me many things,it has got me into trouble, abuse,blamed for many things and persecuted,”she said.

Due to this nomination Winnie Odinga might have gotten her springboard into major political positions in the near future.

ODM leaders have however showed their strong support to Winnie’s bid and believe she has great potential of being a great leader and with this he might celrown Winnie Odinga as the next Luo nation leader

“Winnie has a right to exercise her political potential interest and should not be intimidated because of her biological link with Raila Odinga,” said Godfrey Osotsi.

The Odinga family has in over the years been in the forefront of Kenyan politics and currently Oburu Odinga holds office of Siaya senator as Ruth Odinga is the current woman representative for Kisumu County.

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